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RTEmagicC_sci_metric_scopus.gifScopus   largest single abstract database and scientometric platform that was established in 2004 by publishing corporation Elsevier. As of January 2013 . Scopus contains over 50 million. Records (about 2 million. Added each year). The database is indexed 20 500 titles of scientific publications, 5 000 publishers, 340 book series and 4.9 million. Conference proceedings. Chronological coverage of articles from 1823, chronological coverage scientometric device from 1996 scientometric device database provides accounting publications of scientists and institutions in which they work, and their citation statistics. Scopus provides a hyperlink to the full text materials. The database is available under subscription via a web interface.


logo-indexcopernicusIndex Copernicus (IC) is a scientometric database of user-contributed information, including academic institutions, publications and projects set up in 1999 in Poland. The database has several performance assessment tools that track the impact of scientific papers and publications of individual researchers or research institutions. In addition to the performance index Copernicus also offers traditional abstracting and indexing publications. The database is managed by Index Copernicus International. The database is named after Nicolaus Copernicus, who played for the modern form heliotsentryzmu and caused a revolution in astronomy.


RTEmagicC_sci_metric_web_of_science.jpgWeb of Science (WoS) - this abstract scientometric publications database project Web of Knowledge of Thomson Reuters. As for 2012. WoS offers access to 12 000 names of the most influential academic journals and collections of scientific papers and primary research data sets. Apparatus scientometric indicators tracking platform provides citations to publications with a retrospective in 1900 One of the key concepts scientometric system platform is the impact factor (index influence) of scientific publications.


RTEmagicC_sci_metric_jcr.gifJournal Citation Reports - system of objective evaluation and comparison of the worlds leading research journals by compiling statistics of the number of publications and citations in almost all natural, social and applied sciences. JCR analyzes over 7,600 journals for 220 subjects, published 3300 publishers around the world and helps to identify the most influential publication in a particular field of science. JCR has two editions: JCR Science Edition and JCR Social Sciences Edition.


RTEmagicC_sci_metric_scimago_journal.gifScimago Journal & Country Rank (SJR)  site citation index of scholarly journals over 230 countries on the basis of the information system Scopus (Elsevier BV). Indicators can be used to assess and analyze scientific areas.


RTEmagicC_sci_metric_google_scholar.jpgGoogle Scholar - is freely available search engine which indexes the full text publications of all sizes and disciplines. Google Scholar includes articles published in journals stored in repositories or on web pages of research teams or individual researchers.

In the search list is formed, which sources (articles, books, theses) are depending on the place of publication, who created the document, and citation frequency as was recently quoted document. Search Engine Google Scholar tells the user name text and a hyperlink to the document. Links to free full text publications are marks [PDF]. Google Scholar provides information not only online, but also the printing paper. In the search results list offline articles marked [Citation]. For hyperlinked Cited by .. you can get information on how many and which documents refer to the specific publication within the database. In the list of results can be several links to materials related to the same article.

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