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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


Volume 4 / 2014:

Volume contents:

  • Mechanisms of public administration;
  • Philosophy, methodology, theory and history of public administration;
  • Public service, service at local self-government;
  • Mechanisms of public administration;
  • Regional Administration and Local Self-Government;
  • Political Science and Law;
  • Social and humanitarian policy;
  • Management of social development;
  • Information technology;


Kovbasiuk Yu., Kravchenko S., Kuprii V., Holynska O., Hryhorchak ., Kapulovskiy A., Voitovich R., Fedorenko V., Aliiushina N., Zapadynchuk ., Pushko-Tsybulyak E., Musaev I., Rachynska M., Bilynska M., Kulginskiy E., Bortnikova O., Sadovska ., Nowak-Far Artur, Cheshmi Gadgyeva, Mudrak L., Gorbatyuk S.

(download file content):

1. Problems and prospects of the state-administrative reforms in Ukraine on current stage
Authors: Yu. V. Kovbasiuk, S. O. Kravchenko / download

2. Performance audit on public policy: contemporary terminology discourse
Author: V. O. Kuprii / download

3. The ratio of performance budget system and changes in the conditions macroeconomic balance
Author: O. V. Holynska / download

4. Public administration reform: the Western experience and the Ukraine
Author: . . Hryhorchak / download

5. Decision of priorities of safety of person and state security at accepted administrative decisions
Author: A. V. Kapulovskiy / download

6. Global leadership and effective management in a search for a new geopolitical identity Ukraine
Author: R. V. Voitovich / download

7. Rationalization and improvement of education in personnel policy and public service for specialist in public administration
Author: V. L. Fedorenko / download

8. Institute of Competence Mentoring one of the priorities of State Personnel Policy
Author: N. O. Aliiushina / download

9. Institutional approach to forming of the state service institution in Ukraine
Author: . P. Zapadynchuk / download

10. Development of state control at the regional level
Authors: E. M. Pushko-Tsybulyak, I. A. Musaev / download

11. Parliamentary oversight in the form of temporary investigative commissions: ensuring efficiency
Author: M. . Rachynska / download

12. Change of social paradigm of public administration in health care sector of Ukraine as a requirement of modern stage of nation-building
Authors: M. M. Bilynska, E. A. Kulginskiy / download

13. Methodological research construct functioning of religion in society
Author: O. H. Bortnikova / download

14. Making the institution of public broadcasting in Ukraine: state and perspectives
Author: . L. Sadovska / download

15. Governmental administration and European Union: strategic challenges faced by european member states of 2004 and 2007 enlargement
Author: Artur Nowak-Far / download

16. Trends of the institutional provision of geo-economic activity
Author: Cheshmi Gadgyeva / download

17. Convergent new media under crisic situation in Ukraine during november 2013 april 2014
Author: L. . Mudrak / download

18. Information support of scientific research: he institutional and legal aspects
Author: S. Ye. Gorbatyuk / download

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