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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


Volume 2 / 2015:

Volume contents:

  • Mechanisms of public administration;
  • Social and humanitarian policy;
  • Philosophy, methodology, theory and history of public administration;
  • Public service, service at local self-government;
  • Regional Administration and Local Self-Government;
  • Political Science and Law;
  • Management of social development;
  • Information technology;

Authors: zha M., Kurnosenko L., Popok A., Popov C., Surmin Yu., Gromova S., Tolstonog V., Avramenko T., Piren M., Dakal A., Dubok I., Suray I., Voronov O., Semenets-Orlova I. Chorna L., Vasilyeva N., Boyko H., Dubych K., Aliiushina N., Obukhovska T.

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1. System of training of civil servants in China
Authors: M. M. zha, L.V. Kurnosenko / download

2. Innovation in the public authority body: a systematic approach
Authors: A. A. Popok, C. A. Popov / download

3. Keys-method: becoming and development is in Ukraine
Author: Yu. P. Surmin / download

4. The areas of improving the organizational component of higher medical educational institutions leaderships professional training public administration in Ukraine
Author: S. O. Gromova / download

5. Normative legal mechanism of of public administration consumer protection
Author: V. V. Tolstonog / download

6. Observance of public health warranty as the basis of public administration by changes the healthcare in Ukraine
Author: T. P. Avramenko / download

7. Tolerance factor in peace and consolidation in modern society ukrainian
Author: M. I. Piren / download

8. Formulation and implementation of the state policy for the protection of childrens rights: axiological dimension
Author: A.V. Dakal / download

9. The sources of financing of culture in Ukraine and ways of its expanding
Author: I. P. Dubok / download

10. Democratic governance: values and competence
Author: I. G. Suray / download

11. Lines of research of management decision phenomenon in the sphere of public administration
Author: O. I. Voronov / download

12. Problem aspects of public administration of educational change
Author: I. A. Semenets-Orlova / download

13. The phenomenon of ideal in social development
Author: L. V. Chorna / download

14. The role of participatory democracy in building civil society in Ukraine
Authors: N. V. Vasilyeva, H. P. Boyko / download

15. Features government social system protection of Ukraine in tne soviet period of development
Author: K. V. Dubych / download

16. Electronic Mentoring innovative e-government component
Author: N. O. Aliiushina / download

17. Theoretical foundations of regulation information about a person in the development of information technology
Author: T. . Obukhovska / download

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