ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


Volume 3 / 2015:

Volume contents:

  • Mechanisms of public administration;
  • Social and humanitarian policy;
  • Philosophy, methodology, theory and history of public administration;
  • Public service, service at local self-government;
  • Regional Administration and Local Self-Government;
  • Political Science and Law;
  • Management of social development;
  • Information technology;

Authors: Yu. Kovbasiuk, S. Popov, M. Orliv, O. Baranov, R. Baranov, S. Zavgorodnya, S. Baranov, Lee Zhuytin, . Tanchuk, O. Ustymenko, V. Pryadko, M. Piren, . Orgiets, M. Bilynska, E. Kulginskiy, V. Knjazevych, L. Zhalilo, S. Kustova, R. Lukianchuk, . Lyashchenko, R. Voitovich, S. Vlasenko, S. Gorblyuk

(download file content):

1. Public policy and policy analysis in Ukraine: object field of research and terminological aparat
Author: Yu. Kovbasiuk. / download

2. Innovative Reformation of Public Administration: Classification of State-Administrative Innovations
Author: S. Popov. / download

3. Organizational and legal aspects of government regulation of in-service training for senior executives employed in public authorities and local self-government
Author: M. Orliv. / download

4. Increase of efficiency of cooperation of Derzhspectranssluzhbi with other subektami systems of national safety of the state
Author: O. Baranov. / download

5. World empirics implementation of the policy of combating the legalization of income obtained by criminal means
Author: R. Baranov. / download

6. The periods of formation of organizational and legal bases of the public administration for ensuring economic security of Ukraine
Author: S. Zavgorodnya. / download

7. Shadow economy: essence, reasons, socio-economic consequences and ways of overcoming in Ukraine
Author: S. Baranov / download

8. Applied Aspects of New Public Management: Anglo-Saxon Experience
Author: Lee Zhuytin / download

9. Main approaches to approaches to ev aluating the effectiveness f public administration
Author: . Tanchuk. / download

10. Public administration process of implementing military reserve service in the armed forces of Ukraine
Authors: O. Ustymenko. / download

11. Effective personnel an important state value to the implementation of reforms in Ukraine
Authors: V. Pryadko, M. Piren. / download

12. Mentorship as a way of saving institutional memory in the governmental bodies
Author: . Orgiets. / download

13. Historical sources Strategy Health in all policies of government (XIXXX centuries)
Authors: M. Bilynska, E. Kulginskiy. / download

14. Systemic crisis in ukraine as a context of health care reforms
Authors: V. Knjazevych, L. Zhalilo. / download

15. Funding of political parties as a structural component of the integration of Ukraine into the EU
Author: S. Kustova. / download

16. The state policy in sphere of supply of the cyber security in the context of antiterroristic operation
Author: R. Lukianchuk. / download

17. Ukrainian political crisis 2013-2014 through the eyes of foreign researchers
Author: . Lyashchenko. / download

18. Syndrome of ressentiment as ontologic-dogmatic intention of objectivisation of military aggression
Author: R. Voitovich. / download

19. The main causes and risks of deinstitutionalisation of democracy in Ukraine and mechanisms to overcome them
Author: S. Vlasenko. / download

20. Essence and key characteristics of the regional innovation system
Author: S. Gorblyuk. / download

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