ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


Volume 4 / 2015:

Volume contents:

  • Methodology, theory and history of public administration;
  • Mechanisms of public administration;
  • Public service, service in local government;
  • Regional administration and local government;
  • Social and humanities policy;
  • Information technology

Authors: R. Voitovich, V. Misiura, O. Matvieenko, O. Borysenko, . Borkut, T. Butyrskaya, L. Avedyan, S G. Dmytrenko, R. Lukianchuk, . Gazizov, V. Fedorenko, I. Dunayev, A. Pavliuk, M. Piren, O. Petroe, V. Vasiliev, E. Krasnyakov, I. A. Semenets-Orlova, O. Kondratenko, S. Solovyov

(download file content):

  1. Metaphysics of tolerance under the conditions of global identity
    Author: R. Voitovich / download
  2. Methodological basis of the analysis of socially-oriented state service policy
    Author: V. Misiura / download
  3. Possible risks of the organizational structure of public administration in the field of arms control
    Author: O. Matvieenko/ download
  4. WTO trade facilitation agreement: Ukraine first steps
    Authors: O. Borysenko, . Borkut / download
  5. Relations between public administration and state building in frames of the science of state administration
    Author: T. Butyrskaya/ download
  6. Formation model of territorial organization of power in the country
    Author: L. Avedyan/ download
  7. State promotion of population, condominium associations and housing co-operatives on energy efficiency and energy saving
    Author: G. Dmytrenko/ download
  8. International cooperation in sphere of supply of the cyber security: state priorities
    Author: R. Lukianchuk/ download
  9. European experience of lobbying: lessons for Ukraine
    Author: . Gazizov / download
  10. The institutionalization of the diagnosis and the development of managerial and leadership skills of civil servants a key priority of reforming the civil service and service in local government in Ukraine: legal and pedagogical aspects
    Author: V. Fedorenko / download
  11. Spatial dimension of modernization of regional economic policy in modern scientific approaches
    Author: I. Dunayev / download
  12. The method identification of state regulation of road transport services market in the region
    Author: A. Pavliuk / download
  13. European values format a new state in the process of reforming Ukrainian society on the road to democracy
    Author: M. Piren/ download
  14. International labor migration: analysis of the situation and consequences for Ukraine
    Authors: O. Petroe, V. Vasiliev/ download
  15. Public policy of Czech Republic in industry of education: experience for Ukraine
    Author: E. Krasnyakov/ download
  16. Productive leadership in the process of educational change management
    Author: I. A. Semenets-Orlova / download
  17. General provisions of national management legislative environment in the sphere of social protection of participants in anti-terrorist operations and their families
    Author: O. Kondratenko / download
  18. A context of strategic communication: an example of social advertising
    Author: S. Solovyov / download

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