ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


Volume 1 / 2016:

Volume contents:

  • Methodology, theory and history of public administration;
  • Mechanisms of public administration;
  • Regional administration and local government;
  • Social and humanities policy


I. Dunayev, A. Krasneychuk, I. Kryvoruchko, Li Zhuitin, Jaroslav Dvorak, Jurgita Rudzioniene,
O. Ustymenko, V. Knyazevich, T. Avramenko, V. Korolenko, A. Rachynskii, A. Ohilko, N. Klimnko,
M. Chulaievska, I.Ratynska, I. Perestiuk, V. Andreychuk, P. Vorona, M. Drohomyretska, L. Sukharska,
M. Piren

(download file content):

1. Spatial dimension of regional economic policy modernization under modern scientific approaches
Author: I. Dunayev / download

2. Use consulting activities of state bodies
Author: A. Krasneychuk / download

3. Definition of the Administrative Procedure Principles in the Science of Public Administration
Author: I. Kryvoruchko / download

4. New public management elements in governance practice of Asian countries
Author: Li Zhuitin / download

5. Evaluation in small states libraries: cases of Lithuania and Slovakia
Authors: Jaroslav Dvorak, Jurgita Rudzioniene / download

6. Challenges and threats to the national security Ukraines capacity to respond to them
Author: O. Ustymenko / download

7. Development prospects public administration in public health of Ukraine under systemic change
Authors: V. Knyazevich, T. Avramenko, V. Korolenko / download

8. The independence of judges as a prerequisite of functioning independent and credible judiciary, which corresponds to the European system of values and standards for the protection of human rights
Authors: A. Rachynskii, A. Ohilko / download

9. Licensing commercial development, manufacture, sales, repair, modernization and utilization of weapons, military hardware, military firearms and ammunition thereto as an element of ensuring national security
Author: N. Klimnko / download

10. Public administration reform in Ukraine according to the European model: from plans to frustrations
Author: M. Chulaievska / download

11. Improving strategic planning in state-owned joint-stock companies of Ukraine
Author: I. Ratynska / download

12. Protection of human rights to private property: analysis of activity of higher public authorities in Ukraine
Author: I. Perestiuk / download

13. Monitoring internal processes as a tool of government (for example, 2015 elections to local councils Ukraine)
Author: V. Andreychuk / download

14. Foreign experience of prefectures and Ukrainian realities (Lessons for Ukraine)
Authors: P. Vorona, M. Drohomyretska / download

15. Elements of system of financial support of development of territorial communities
Author: L. Sukharska / download

16. restart thinking political and ruling elite of Ukraine in the implementation of democratic government
Author: M. Piren / download

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