ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


Volume 4 / 2015:

Volume contents:

  • Theory and history of political science;
  • Political institutions and processes;
  • Political culture and ideology

Authors: V. Goshovska, R. Marchuk, V. Guriievska, S. Teleshun, S. Sytnyk, I. Reiterovych, Yu. Kalnish,
L. Pashko, D. Imanberdiev, M. Gazizov, A. Miezientsev, L. Danylenko, S. Aleinikova, E. Vasylchuk,
L. Chernova, N. Larina, O. Romanuk, I. Polishchuk, R. Storozhev

(download file content):

1. On the question of the formation of the Ukrainian social-democratic movement
Author: V. Goshovska / download

2. Concept and types of constitution, political and legal aspects
Author: R. Marchuk / download

3. Deep democracy paradigm in resolving political and administrative tasks
Author: V. Guriievska / download

4. The concept of public policy: the policy and public administration context
Authors: S. Teleshun, S. Sytnyk, I. Reiterovych / download

5. Political default: nature of phenomenon and interpretation of scientific category
Author: Yu. Kalnish / download

6. On the issue of activization of relationship between state and civil society
Author: L. Pashko / download

7. Dualism executive power in Ukraine: the nature and ways to overcome
Author: D. Imanberdiev / download

8. The features of public sphere in Ukraine: problems and prospects
Author: I. Reiterovych / download

9. Conceptual possibilities of political market of modern political system
Author: M. Gazizov / download

10. Improving strategic planning in state-owned joint-stock companies of Ukraine
Author: A. Miezientsev / download

11. The political behavior of public servants: value is the motivational aspect
Author: L. Danylenko / download

12. Russian world: the problems of interpretation and management
Author: S. Aleinikova / download

13. The structural-typological organization subcultural youth radicalism
Authors: E. Vasylchuk, L. Chernova / download

14. Core points and tendencies of development of information and communication resources of the parliament of Ukraine
Author: N. Larina / download

15. Networking narcissism as important resource within contemporary political technologies
Author: O. Romanuk / download

16. Regulators of mass consciousness of Ukrainians within the framework of shaping the strategy of state-building
Author: I. Polishchuk / download

17. ersonnel of the mechanism of the formation of a positive image of the state
Author: R. Storozhev / download

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