ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


2017 year

Volume  2 / 2017:

Volume contents:

  • Methodology, theory and history of public administration; 
  • Mechanisms of public administration; 
  • Public service, service in local government; 
  • Regional administration and local government; 
  • Social and humanities policy


O. Kotovska, O. Deliia, T. Yashchenk, . Klantsa, O. Shkrobanets, N. Kryshtof, O. Poshedin, T. Tymoshenko, N. Lukashuk, K. Kucheriava, M. Bunchuk, K. Danyluk, M. Orliv, M. Karpa, G. Muravytska, V. Bezruk, O. Fedorchak, V. Ryzhikh, N. Morozova, S. Horbatiuk.

About authors

(download file content):

  1. Value-semantic changes within new models of public management
    Author: O. Kotovska/ download 
  2. Becoming environment paradigm
    Author: O. Deliia/ download 
  3. Relations between the terms of interaction and relationship in public administration system
    Author: T. Yashchenk/ download 
  4. Human health and conservation options: theoretical and methodological analysis
    Author: . Klantsa/ download
  5. The problem of geopolitical choice of Ukraine in the context of the modern system of international relations
    Author: O. Shkrobanets/ download  
  6. Promotion of small and medium business in Ukraine: the role of the state
    Author: N. Kryshtof/ download 
  7. New life of the European Union common security and defence policy: guidelines for Ukraine
    Author: O. Poshedin/ download  
  8. The cluster approach to the development of tourism industry in Ukraine
    Authors: T. Tymoshenko/ download  
  9. Organizational structure of public administration in the field of energy efficiency of Ukraine: state and prospects of development
    Author: N. Lukashuk/ download  
  10. Advancement of normative and legal base regulating the process of cooperation in agricultural sector
    Author: K. Kucheriava/ download  
  11. Theoretical fundamentals of the financial and economic mechanism of the state terrorism combating policy
    Author: M. Bunchuk/ download  
  12. Modern foreign experience of organizing the polity palliative and hospice care
    Author: K. Danyluk/ download  
  13. The development of federal agencies senior executives in the USA: experience for Ukraine
    Author: M. Orliv/ download  
  14. Place and role of public-private partnership in the performance of public service functions
    Author: M. Karpa/ download  
  15. Information base of vocational training civil servants
    Author: G. Muravytska/ download  
  16. Training methods of the communicative competence of civil servants
    Author: V. Bezruk/ download  
  17. Problems of financing of investment projects of local and regional development in Ukraine
    Author: O. Fedorchak/ download  
  18. Migration processes on the domestic labour market in terms of socio-economic threats
    Authors: V. Ryzhikh, N. Morozova/ download  
  19. Nature and structure of the system for socio-humanitarian security provision
    Author: S. Horbatiuk/ download 

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