ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


2017 year

Volume  3 / 2017:

Volume contents:

  • Methodology, theory and history of public administration; 
  • Mechanisms of public administration; 
  • Regional administration and local government; 
  • Social and humanities policy 
  •  Information technology


M.Piren, O.Karpenko, N.Savchenko, N.Grabar, D. Shykhnenko, V. Zozulia, R. Kravchenko, S.Guta, N. Obushna, O. Ustymenko, N. Halias, S. Horbatiuk, V. Vasiliev, K. Dubych, T. Fedorenko,
A. Klantsa, S. Solovyov, Yu. Sarychev.

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1. The manipulative in?uence of professional and spiritual leadership and management cultureof the ruling elite the path to successful reform in Ukraine

Author: M. Piren/download

2. Basic determinants forming service-oriented public policy:contractualism and clientelism

Authors: O. Karpenko, N. Savchenko/download

3. Bureaucracy as a socio-political phenomenon: genesis theory and possibilitiesof interpretation in the modern practice of public administration

Author: N. Grabar /download

4. Characteristics and nature of charisma in formation of innovativepolitical leadership

Author: D. Shykhnenko/download

5. Good governance: essence, basic concepts, approaches

Author: V. Zozulia/download

6. Legal regulation of man-made and natural emergencies risk reduction in Ukraine:state, problems and prospects

Author: R. Kravchenko/download

7. The organizational principles of state control in crisis situations causedby the military and political factors in Ukraine today

Author: S. Guta/download

8. Preconditions for establishment and development of the institute of public auditin Ukraine: objective relevance and formalization

Authors: N. Obushna/download

9. Reforming the system of strategic management for defense of the Republic
of Poland: experience for Ukraine

Author: O. Ustymenko/download

10. The theoretical foundations of knowledge transfer in the local government system

Author: N. Halias/download

11. International global intergovernmental organizations in the system of providingsocial and humanitarian security

Author: S. Horbatiuk/download

12. System of performance evaluation measures state management in the fieldof the migration policy in terms of the decentralization of power in Ukraine

Author: V. Vasiliev/download

13. The current global trends and Ukraines realities in youth unemployment

Author: K. Dubych/download

14. International standards of participatory democracy as the basis for ensuring publicparticipation in public administration in the field of health protection in Ukraine

Author: T. Fedorenko/download

15. Correlation indicators of public health as a condition of national securityof the modern state

Author: A. Klantsa/download

16. Building trust of citizens to the authorities: the model of social messages

Author: S. Solovyov/download

17. Information-analytical support as a kind of information support in system of publicadministration

Author: Yu. Sarychev/download


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