ISSN 2518-7368 (Online), ISSN 2310-2837 (Print)
of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)


2017 year

Volume  4 / 2017:

Volume contents:

  • Methodology, theory and history of public administration; 
  • Mechanisms of public administration; 
  • Public service, service in local government;
  • Regional administration and local government; 
  • Social and humanities policy 
  • Information technology



I. Chaplay, N. Koval, M. Pukhtinskiy, . Podskalna, O. Gubar, V. Fedorenko, O. Fedorchak, N. Kryshtof, O. Komarov, N. Sokolovska, S. Poteriaiko, M. Piren, T. Tarasenko, Y. Glushchenko, S. Horbatiuk,
N. Martynenko, O. Barylo.

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1. Formation of trust between bodies of the state authority and publicity in independent Ukraine

Author: I. Chaplay /download

2. Ensure the streamlining of the subsidiary structures of the President of Ukraine at the legislative level

Authors: N. Koval, M. Pukhtinskiy / download

3. Development of scientific thought as to organization of civil defense as an integral part of the national security concept of the state

Author: . Podskalna /download

4. Conceptual and categorical apparatus of national biosecurity management

Author: O. Gubar / download

5. State funding of the activities of political parties as a factor in the development of a modern political party system in Ukraine

Author: V. Fedorenko / download

6. The problems of public investment in Ukraine

Author: O. Fedorchak / download

7. Problems of implementation of competitive economic model in Ukraine: public-administrative aspect

Author: N. Kryshtof / download

8. Improvement the state fiscal policy in the field of customs

Author: O. Komarov /download

9. Improvement of mechanisms of interaction between central executive bodies and local self-government bodies in ensuring energy security of regions

Author: N. Sokolovska / download

10. The in?uence of public administration bodies level of training on the state of natural and technogenic safety in Ukraine

Author: S. Poteriaiko / download

11. Educational work in the territorial community by positive manipulatory in?uences

Author: M. Piren / download

12. Development of the political responsibility in the local self-government under conditions of the power decentralization: experience of European countries

Author: T. Tarasenko / download

13. Participatory budget as an innovative management tool at the local level

Author: Y. Glushchenko / download

14. International non-governmental organizations as subjects providing socio-humanitarian security

Author: S. Horbatiuk / download

15. Mechanisms for public administration of Ukrainian pension system development

Author: N. Martynenko / download

16. Approaches to the investigation of the operation of the civil protection analysis and information system

Author: O. Barylo / download


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