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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)

Series Public Administration:



Volume 1 / 2018



Volume contents:


o    Information technology

o    Public service, service in local government

o    Mechanisms of public administration

o    Regional administration and local government

o    Social and humanities policy


V. Kuybida, O. Karpenko, V. Namestnik, Y. Nesteryak, O. Barylo, M. Shkliaruk, K. Pavliuk, A. Malyuga, N. Zhydenko, O. Polovtsev, A. Rachynskyi, T. Bielska, S. Poteriaiko, N. Kalashnyk, I. Degtyarova, M.Piren, S. Horbatiuk, A. Klantsa, N. Martynenko, L. Matvejciuk.

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1. Digital governance in Ukraine: basic definitions of the conceptual categorial apparatus

Authors: V. Kuybida, O. Karpenko, V. Namestnik / download

2. Development of the national information space of Ukraine (period of 19891993)

Author: Y. Nesteryak / download

3. indicators for comparing alternative methods of the civil protection analysis and information system operation

Author: . Barylo / download

4. Essence and content of strategic communications in the system of public administration

Author: M. Shkliaruk / download

5. feedback between the government and the public as a factor in building an e?ective government image within the system of providing national security

Author: K. Pavliuk / download

6. The right of citizens to civil service in Ukraine: the concept, legal regulation, requirements and restrictions to candidates

Author: A. Malyuga / download

7. Reforming the sphere of the professional training of civil servants of Ukraine: experience of Republic of Poland

Author: N. Zhydenko / download

8. Modern approaches to the formation of methodological content of the transformation mechanisms of managerial decisions in the system of public administration

Authors: O. Polovtsev, A. Rachynskyi / download

9. Anticipated management as a model of public-power relations in conditions of a changing global world

Author: T. Bielska / download

10. Specifcity of public administration mechanisms operation in the field of civil protection under current conditions

Author: S. Poteriaiko / download

11. The state and civil society institutions cooperation in the implementation of the national internal security policy (example of Denmark)

Author: N. Kalashnyk / download

12. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the system of public administration in higher education: the issues of legal status and scope of competences

Author: I. Degtyarova / download

13. The formation of an environmental culture of citizens through education in territorial communities as an important factor in socio-humanitarian politics

Author: M. Piren / download

14. Mechanism of the European Union policy in the sphere of socio-humanitarian safety: institutional measurement

Author: S. Horbatiuk / download

15. Public health as a condition of national security of the state

Author: A. Klantsa / download

16. Modernizing subject structure of solidarity pension system as prerequisite for pension legislation coding in Ukraine

Author: N. Martynenko / download

17. State regulation of social-labor relations under the conditions of the development of information society in Ukraine

Author: L. Matvejciuk / download


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