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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)

Series Public Administration:



Volume 2 / 2018



Volume contents:


o    Methodology, theory and history of public administration

o    Mechanisms of public administration

o    Social and humanities policy

o    Information technology


V. Troschynskyi, P. Sytnyk, V. Kupriichuk, M. Piren, K. Semorkina, D. Zyuz, S. Sorokovska, Ya. Halaniuk, O. Ustymenko, V. Bilyk, A. Klantsa, S. Horbatiuk, N. Pidberezhnyk, O. Rachynska, L. Soloduchina, V. Datsyuk, Y. Nesteryak, V. Ovsianyk, I. Chaplay


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1. Public policy in the field of culture during the period of the national liberation struggle of 1917 1920: educational experience for the present time

Authors: V. Troschynskyi, P. Sytnyk, V. Kupriichuk / download

2. Educational work in territorial communities in the information society is the basic basis for the formation of the psychology of the state people

Author: M. Piren / download

3. Formation of state police in the field of human rights in Ukraine

Author: K. Semorkina / download

4. Internal financing as a factor of improving of the efficiency of state enterprises activities

Author: D. Zyuz / download

5. The state policy in Ukraine in the sphere of drinking water supply in the context of global sustainable development goals

Author: S. Sorokovska / download

6. The priorities of the further development of cooperation between the state border guard of Ukraine and the public authorities bodies of Ukraine in the sphere of border safety

Author: Ya. Halaniuk  / download

7. Planning for the development of the capabilities of the Ukrainian defense forces to counter the threats during the hybrid war

Authors: O. Ustymenko, V. Bilyk / download

8. Demographic models of preserving public health and their impact on national security of the state

Author: A. Klantsa / download

9. The formation of social policy model under the conditions of contradicting social and economic development

Author: S. Horbatiuk / download

10. Clallenges and threats in the sphere of ethnopolitical relations in Ukraine in modern times

Author: N. Pidberezhnyk / download

11. Transformation of scientific awareness of the conceptual apparatus of social advertising

Author: O. Rachynska / download

12. Peculiarities of the legal regulation of alternative care for children in Ukraine

Author: L. Soloduchina / download

13. Theoretico-methodological principles in public administration of healthcare research

Author: V. Datsyuk/ download

14. Development of the national information space of Ukraine (1994 2004)

Author: Y. Nesteryak / download

15. Crisis communications in emergency

Author: V. Ovsianyk / download

16. Concept of analysis and evaluation of stare civil communication in the reformation of public administration in Ukraine

Author: I. Chaplay / download



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