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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)

Series Public Administration:



Volume 4 / 2018



Volume contents:


o    Methodology, theory and history of public administration

o    Mechanisms of public administration

o    Social and humanities policy

o    Information technology




V.S.Kuibida, O.S.Adamska, A.V.Kozhyna, I.V.Rozhdiestvenska, V.P.Troshchynskyi, V.A.Skuratyvskyi, K..Riabets, V.P.Udovychenko, O.V.Ustymenko, R.V.Leliuk, L.A.Tusupova, S..Bazyka, S.O.Shaykhet, Y.V.Karpenko, M.M.Bilynska, A.V.Dakal, P.M.Klimenko, V.A.Grabovskiy, G.V.Guseva, T.O.Lukina, .A.Hryshchenko, O.V.Khudoba, O.I.Huk, L.D.Demchenko. Yu.V.Didok, ..Olefir, M.I.Piren, O.V.Karpenko, O.V.Ryzhenko. V.S.Andreichuk


C o n t e n t


Regional  administration  and  local  government

V.S.Kuibida. Problems and directions of the effective implementation of local self-government reforms

O.S.Adamska. Conceptual-categorical definition of anti-crisis management in reacting to regional challenges

A.V.Kozhyna. Factors of inclusive local development: approaches to classification

I.V.Rozhdiestvenska. Peculiarities of legal regulation of public associations in ukraine



V.P.Troshchynskyi, V.A.Skuratyvskyi. Integration, consolidation, and their social dimensions

K..Riabets. Theoretical and legal principles of state policy of rational water use in ukraine

V.P.Udovychenko. Search for the optimal and effective Strategy of Economic Relations within the context of the philosophy of building Ukrainian statehood: Ukraine to Ukraine

O.V.Ustymenko. Introduction of the international provisional administration in the temporarily occupied territories of the donetsk and luhansk oblasts as part of a peacekeeping strategy for ukraine one of the public reintegration projects.

R.V.Leliuk. Conceptual approaches to the process of interaction between public authorities and the public



L.A.Tusupova, S..Bazyka. Unification of parliamentary control mechanisms in the field of public finance

S.O.Shaykhet, Y.V.Karpenko. Community policing concept as an instrument for efficient interaction of national police, local authorities and public: ukrainian and foreign experience of implementation



M.M.Bilynska, A.V.Dakal. The state policy on preserving childrens health in their early years: cross-sectoral approach

P.M.Klimenko, V.A.Grabovskiy, G.V.Guseva. Institutionalization of the national health system: organizational and legal aspects

T.O.Lukina, .A.Hryshchenko. The effect of modern changes in legal norms on the development of inclusive education in pre-school and general secondary segments in ukraine

O.V.Khudoba. Influence of global initiatives on the tendentions of healthcare administration


Public service, service in local government

O.I.Huk. Axiological approach to the formation of a new managerial culture in ukraine

L.D.Demchenko. Culture of public administration in the context of postburerocratic paradigm by b.Armajani and m.Barzelay

Yu.V.Didok. Reforming system of government authorities of veterinary medicine in ukraine: sociological dimension

..Olefir. Institute of executive service in the system of public-government relations in ukraine

M.I.Piren. Professional correspondence of the managerial culture of the leaders of power authorities as an objective prerequisite of social change in ukraine


Information technology

O.V.Karpenko, O.V.Ryzhenko. Digital transformation and good data governance in ukraine

V.S.Andreichuk. nstitutional support for the introduction of information technologies foresight in the system of public administration by the national security of Ukraine


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