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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)

Series Public Administration:



Volume 3 / 2019



Volume contents:


o    Methodology, theory and history of public administration

o    Public service, service in local government

o    Mechanisms of public administration

o    Regional  administration  and  local  government

o    Social  and  humanities  policy

o    Information technology

C o n t e n t





. V. Dovhan, R. . Lenda, M. H. Tsedik. The political dimension of the phenomenon of sense in the paradigm of public administration

O. I. Chabaniuk. Peculiarities of realization of state service in the public administration sphere in modern conditions of social development: methodology of the problem


Public service, service in local government


N. A. Zhydenko. Current state and prospects of development of the public authorities personnel vocational training system in Ukraine

Y. V. Kachan (Melnyk). Genesis of public service development in Ukraine

A. S. Lavrentij. Image as a subject of scientific analysis


Mechanisms of public administration


N. A. Malysh, S. O. Moskalenko. Legislative support of public environmental policy of Ukraine

Y. . Sarychev, O. V. Ustymenko, P. M. Snitsarenko. Essence and features the system of public administration in the military sphere in preparation the state for defense

R. M. Khrenova-Shymkina. The development of the legal and organizational framework in the sphere of realization of international aid projects in Ukraine

Zh. V. Makeyenko. Negotiation technologies in regulation of conflict relations in public administration

I. I. Oliinyk. State and directions of legislative regulation improvement of housing market infrastructure development in Ukraine


Regional  administration  and  local  government


S. A. Horbliuk. The normative legal support for urban revitalization in Poland


Social  and  humanities  policy


M. I. Piren. Ukrainian language important factor of society union, formation of ukrainian political nation and realization of democratic reforms

V. V. Ievtushenko. Traditional medicine as a composition of traditional ukrainian culture

S. A. Moroz. The results of assessment of higher education quality conduced by the students of ukrainian institutes of higher education as the basis for improving the mechanisms of public administration of quality of educational services

A. V. Kozhyna. Evidence-based actualization of the inclusive development approach to solving the global human problems


Information technology


A. P. Zahorulko. The teoretical and legal analysis of the hybrid war concept definition

Y. M. Nesteryak. The newest period of development of the national information space of Ukraine (from the beginning of 2014)


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