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of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï deržavnogo upravlìnnâ pri Prezidentovì Ukraïni (Online)

Series Public Administration:



Volume 4 / 2019



Volume contents:


o    Public service, service in local government

o    Mechanisms of public administration

o    Regional  administration  and  local  government

o    Social  and  humanities  policy

o    Management of social development

o    Information technology

o    Researches, developments, projects

C o n t e n t




Public service, service in local government


N. M. Darmohrai. Patronage service in the public administration of Ukraine:essence, formation, regulation



Mechanisms of public administration


M. M. Bilynska, O. . Kavylin. Conceptual understanding of national resilience: the role of public administration system from US expirience

O. V. Dovhan, R. I. Lenda, M. H. Tsedik. Sociocommunicative mechanizm of applying neural network tools in public administration

I. I. Doronina. Mechanisms of state regulation of renewable energy development: world trends and ukrainian realities



Regional  administration  and  local  government


V. S. Koltun, N. V. Shamrai. Optimization of the processes of creation and functioning of industrial parks in decentralization conditions: institutional approach
D. L. Nazarenko. Advocacy system efficiency factors and advocacy system on local level


Social  and  humanities  policy


M. V. Kravchenko, L. M. Melnychuk. Modern trends in the social development of the regions of Ukraine
A. Yu. Vasylenko. The establishment and implementation of the state open science policy in the EU countries (example of Netherlands)



. K. Pavlikovski, D. L. Fedianovych, V. I. Bilyk. Mechanisms of Ukraine-NATO cooperation in foreign military assistance receiving area for hybrid nature threats counteracting



Information technology


V. Yu. Stepanov. Information security as part of information policy implementation

K. R. Gumenna. Comparative analysis of Ukraine and Poland digital strategies
G. V. Muravytska. nformation-analytical technologies in organization and conductingscientific researches

Yu. V. Karpenko. Ethical principles of artificial intellectual application in public administration
L. A. Arsenovich. Model of professional development of the ciberdype professional (for example of state service of special communication and information protection of Ukraine)



. M. Klymenko. Models of state regulation of corporate social responsibility





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